Weirdjazz WJ20230002 / LR-2197607

"The concept for Grave Domain came out of my pastime of photographing graveyards, which I’ve done for many years. I wanted to make music for those who work with the dead. And I didn’t want it to be morose. I wanted it to be anthemic. The result is an album that represents the spaces between the land of the living and the land of the dead." 

Shel Plock

Band: Grave Domain

Album: Grave Domain

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Release Date: 04 August 2023

Format: Digital and Cassette

Label: Weirdjazz

Genre: Metal

Subgenres: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock / Gothic Rock / Horror Punk

Written and Produced by: Shel Plock

Photography: MJ Wojewodzki

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"Baltimore based Grave Domain is the one-man metal/hard rock/goth creation of one Shel Plock who took the name from a character he found flipping through a Dungeons & Dragons spell book. Proudly lo-fi in attitude, Grave Domain thunder through such songs as 'Death Notices' and 'Across the Acheron' with a rabid kaleiodoscopic energy, enhanced with strains of psyched-out 70s synthesizer for cheap splatter movie soundtrack effect. Plock signs/burns out with 'Deth Bed' [sic], a great, mad rant squawked through a shredded microphone, as a roiling junk-heap of broken electric guitars and crushed electronics crashes behind him." 

The Wire (Issue 475 September 2023)

"Something of a concept album... the new collection introduces a 'host of characters' with a prevailing horror theme, track by track. Grave Domain leans into its influences as a 'pastiche of heavy metal, hard rock, and gothic influences derived from music, comic books, and horror novels alike, stitched together like some Frankenstein’s monster with a taste for the anthemic.'"